Keynote Speaker Craig Thomas Hammond has four main keynotes which are:


From Total Devastation to Standing Ovation

This speech takes you through Craig’s life story. The anguish from not being able to speak, leaving school with no qualifications, not being able to read his son a bedtime story to becoming an Inspirational Keynote speaker. 


The A.B.C. of Unlocking Leadership Potential

  • Accept Personal Responsibility for Where YOU are.
  • Be Very Careful of Who and What YOU Allow to Influence YOUR Mind.
  • Condition Renewal.


Riding the R.A.P.I.D.S. of life

  • RESPONSIBILITY – Any change begins with taking  response-ability.
  • ATTITUDE – Which inner voice are you listening to? Victim or Victor.
  • POTENTIAL – You are destined for greatness.
  • ICEBERG – You have hidden depths waiting for you to tap into.
  • DETERMINATION – How much do you want it, I mean really want it?
  • SUCCESS – You were a success before you were born, why stop now?


CLIMB your Mountain

  • COMMITMENT – It’s not over until you reach the peak!
  • LEADERSHIP – You have to lead yourself first!
  • INSPIRATION – What is going to get you there?
  • MOTIVATION – Why are you climbing the mountain?
  • BRAVERY – Have you got what it takes to look fear in the eye?

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker, Craig Thomas Hammond can tailor a speech to your needs and requirements.

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