Conference Speaker Craig Thomas Hammond realised at 8 years old he was different from other children. He would open his mouth to speak but no words would come out of his mouth and his body would jerk intensely. He had a massive speech impediment – a chronic stutter. Craig left school with no qualifications and worked menial jobs, hiding away in factories knowing that he had massive potential but was too fearful to do anything about it. Craig attended a speech course when he was 32 years old and was able to gain some control over his stutter which gave him the confidence to go out into the world and start exploring and more importantly enabled him to read bedtime stories to his son.

Craig, now a motivational speaker, author and trainer, graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in his late 30’s with a BA Honours Degree in Youth Work Studies and Community Development and from the University of Chester with a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies. He also won the Adam Ayub Award for inspirational qualities from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012.

Craig has written and published two books – CLIMB your Mountain and The Little Book of Staying Positive. His writing is intentionally down to earth and practical and offers simple suggestions to live life with more purpose, passion and positivity.